L.A. is giving me true life stories left and right…

In August, I attended a film festival in Chicago and met an actor. He went on and on about my performance and we talked about other actor type stuff. We exchanged info bc I’m too nice at times. That night he wanted to meet up with me and the people I was with to “network”. I was fine with that as I was with other men and wasn’t interested in this man in any way. He met up with us but I kept my distance in case he was trying to holla. As I was leaving the festival to go back home, he text me:

Him: Are you and _______ in a relationship?
Me: No
Him: Are you leaving today?
Me: Yes
Him: Man, I just want to kiss your lips… Did you feel that attraction between us?
Me: No, there wasn’t anything there on my part. I’m just really nice sometimes
Him: You didn’t feel anything when we were talking?
Me: No, I’m honestly emotionally unavailable. I just talk a lot.
Him: Damn, that kind of hurts
Me: I’m sorry but it’s the truth

That was it. I was honest and cut that short. I blame L.A. for the rest…

Last Friday, at 2:45am Pacific time (4:45a CST), I got a call from an unknown number. This was after working for 14 hours on a last minute complete show change. I JUST finished working and I decided to answer. They hung up. They called right back so I answered. A very mild tone woman is on the other line. Her voice is almost angelic…

WOMAN: Um, Yes… Nicole?
ME: Yes, this is she
WOMAN: Um, yes… I was calling to see how you knew my husband…

Oh my goodness! I’m too tired for this. But I could hear the hurt in her voice. I let her finish plus I haven’t been talking to anyone in a romantic way for a while now so I have no idea who this is.

ME: Who is your husband?
WOMAN: __________ ____________
ME: (sigh of relief) That name doesn’t ring a bell, I’m sorry.
WOMAN: Can you please think about it?

At this point I’m muhf*king tied and want to sleep. But I’m on a path to righteousness and I want to help this woman. Plus, I’m trying to right the wrongs of past sins and this is a good start. I start thinking

ME: I’m not in New Orleans anymore. Where do ya’ll live?
WOMAN: Chicago… he’s an actor
ME: (Thinking).. No I’m not sure I… (wait!) Oh, yea I know him. Girl, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to me. Nothing happened.
WOMAN: But was he trying to get with you?

She obviously knows her man.

ME: Yes ,but as you see in the text messages I shut him down as soon as he started talking about kissing and attractions
WOMAN: He Deleted all your messages
THE CHEATER: Um Nicole, are you sure you have the right person? I don’t think you know me

Say what nah? Unh unh. I’m not about to play these games at 3:15 in the morning. I didn’t even know he was listening. He done pissed me off.

ME: Dude, don’t involve me in your lies.

The woman gets loud. Like Dr. Jekyll Loud

WOMAN: YOU CAN’T TALK TO HER RIGHT NOW! YOU WANT TO TALK TO HER YOU CALL HER SINCE YOU GOT HER NUMBER… (to me) See he plays these silly little games all of the time. There’s just so many Lies so many women and I’m tired (begins to cry)
ME: Yea, I’m not about to be a part of his games. Ma’am I’m sorry you’re going through this but you don’t have anything to worry about with me.
THE CHEATER: Man, give me the phone
WOMAN: YOU STAY OUT OF MY CONVERSATION… DON’T TAKE MY PHONE… (to me) see, see he is still trying to lie

I can hear her push him away. Once he was quiet or out of the room, she and I started talking some more. We talked for about 10 minutes. We spoke on her relationship and why she is so mad then we started talking about her business ventures and fashion and my life. He comes back

THE WOMAN: WHY YOU STILL TRYING TO TAKE MY PHONE? (to me) Girl, see for 10 years he has been playing these games, but not no more girl not no more. Thank you for being honest and real.
ME: I’m just really sorry this is happening to you. I’ve had to deal with heartbreak, as well, so I know it’s hard

We keep talking for about 15 min and she tells me she wants to pray for me. I got scared. All I could hear were old voices saying “You can’t let everyone pray for you”. But crap she done started to plead the blood of Jesus already. I tried my best not to get too caught up in her prayer just in case this was a curse of a woman scorned hiding behind the name of the Lord but 5 min into prayer and this is a really good prayer. I’m starting to get moved and uplifted. I might’ve shed a tear if my body wasn’t too tired to produce them… then here he comes

THE CHEATER: What ya’ll praying for?

She kept praying and she didn’t let him interrupt her prayer. She was a G for the Lord. She prayed for me and my life and that I have much success. It was very nice… I’m not perfect and I’ve definitely made mistakes of my own that I’m not happy about. Her prayer made me feel better. It was solid and I was moved. I hope she finds happiness. I hope she’s able to finally leave after “10 years of dealing with the same crap as day one”- her words. If I had her number, I’d call and check up on her.


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